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This test activates the brain.
Game Content
MemoryMemory Please remember the images. Please answer what was seen in the Nth image.
Same PanelSame Panel Please click on the "Right panel". Please change to the same panel as "Left panel".
Rock-paper-scissorsRock-paper-scissors Japanese Tradition Game
Majority voteMajority vote Which image is a large number?
四字熟語四字熟語 Is a four-character idioms.
ことわざことわざ Is a Japanese proverb.
Whack-a-moleWhack-a-mole Please obtain a score by whack a mole.
Fish KanjiFish Kanji Guess Fish Kanji from Kanji Reading. Guess Fish Kanji Reading from Kanji.
English wordEnglish word Try to English word by rearranging alphabet.
Numbers game speed PressNumbers game speed Press Please click on the order of the numbers from 1 to 20.
CalculationCalculation We have prepared single-digit addition and multiplication.
Quick mental arithmeticQuick mental arithmetic "Black number" is a positive number,"Red number" is a negative number. Please click on the result of adding all the numbers.