Concept of game software

Ryuta Kawashima Tohoku University Professor gave a lecture.
I got a chance listening a lecture.
He said. "How do you can train the brain?"
People lost brain cell around the time of the infant.
Everyone had 100 billion brain cells around the time of the infant,
And everyone lose a hundred thousand cells per day.
As you get older,brain cell will be gradually lost.
Particularly,if you aging,brain cell will decay rapidly.
For this you should consider how to train your brain.
Professor said,
If you want to train your brain ,simple math problem would be good for you every day.
We created the game from his advice.
These game have effect to training your brain.
It stimulate your brain, and serve to revitalize the brain.
These game different from conventional active game.
Younger people would like these game. Of course, any family will enjoy these games.
Please enjoy these game.